Norbert Biedrzycki

Digital Vice President @ McKinsey Digital at CEE

Heads McKinsey Digital at CEE. McKinsey Digital offers clients services combining strategic consulting and implementation of advanced IT solutions – from comprehensive digital transformation through rapid deployment of business applications, Big Data solutions and analyzes, business applications of artificial intelligence to blockchain and IoT solutions. Prior to that, Norbert was the President of the Board and CEO of Atos Polska, he was also the head of ABC Data S.A. and the President of the Management Board and CEO of Sygnity S.A. Previously, he also worked at McKinsey as a partner and was the director of Oracle’s consulting and business development services. Norbert’s passion is the latest technologies, robotics, applications of artificial intelligence, blockchains, VR and AR, the Internet of Things, and their impact on the economy and society. You can read more about this on Norbert’s blog: