Sylwester Suszek

CEO @ BitBay

Graduated from the Faculty of Management at the Jagiellonian University and studied MBA. Since 2014 he is a CEO of BitBay – the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in Central and Eastern Europe, one of the top exchanges in the world. From September 2016 he is also CEO of BitBayPay, a service which offers innovative solutions for fast, convenient and international Bitcoin payments. Sylwester is a Member of the Polish Bitcoin Association, cryptocurrency evangelist and a specialist in payments using cryptocurrency. As a member of the team at the Ministry of Digitization, he is a partner of financial and state institutions in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing the security of cryptocurrency trading. He was a speaker at conferences: Techmine Innovations, Forum on Electronic Media Law, SGC Bitcoin Seminar, Polish Cards and Systems, Digital Money & Currency Forum, TAPT 2015 and 2016, Fintech Digital Congress 2016 and Industrial Forum in Karpacz 2016.