Tomasz Wesołowski

CEO & co-founder @

Tomasz Wesołowski
CEO & co-founder at
He spent last 15 years in the internet-industry as a entrepreneur, advisor, and board
member of several companies. Founder and managing director of one of the biggest polish
software houses (grown from 2 to 200 employees). After M&A process he made an exit with
selling his shares, and now he is involved in creating an intelligent assistant Edward, as a cofounder
and CEO of
Co-founder of Krakow Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group, interested in modern user
interfaces, and social aspects of artificial intelligence.
He was also a co-founder and board member of PROFEO – the community for professionals
(Polish Linkedin competitor), founder of Techcamp – biggest Polish technological barcamp
meetings and co-founder of Ecommerce director’s club.